Great Race 2023 – Day 8 – Garden City, KS to Pueblo, CO

July 1, 2023

We’re coming down to the final stretch! Today was a big day for the racers as it begins the Championship run, where none of the scoring legs of the final two days can be thrown out. A simple mistake can be detrimental, but wrong turns, mechanical issues or other obstacles can really throw the scores for a loop. Case in point, our leaders going into Stage 8 were last year’s Grand Champions, Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl, were involved in a collision today while on the clock. The boys are ok, but the car was damaged beyond roadside repair. The morning route had very few instructions, but was short in duration as we had a late start due to the time zone change. We stopped for lunch in Lamar, Colorado, and then jumped back on the route to finish out the day with a challenging afternoon route. Racers rolled into Pueblo, Colorado for a nice stop near at the Union Depot downtown. From there, we actually had a Great Race convoy for about 40 miles north to Colorado Springs! We get to stay in the same hotel for two nights, which is great for the racers and support staff, as we’ll have a half-day of rallying tomorrow and roll into the finish line on Tejon Street in Colorado Springs shortly after lunch. This is it, the final run to the finish!

7 comments about “Great Race 2023 – Day 8 – Garden City, KS to Pueblo, CO”

  • Sorry to hear of the accident with one of the cars just glad everyone is okay. Enjoy ur days tomorrow (Sunday)
    We loved seeing u around Lakin Kansas

  • This is truly an amazing race! I am saddened it will come to the end.
    I have enjoyed watching every day.
    Looking forward to joining you next year as participant! GO TEAM HONEYMOONERS!

  • Been rooting for my favorite Driver Bill Posey (& his team mate KT) in #44 for 60 years. It’s got to be more fun going cross country in a ‘66 chevy at the wheel vs packed in the back seat.

    • They are posted! On the GreatRace website, click on Rally Details, then click on Scores from the drop-down list.

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