Great Race 2023 – Day 6 – Joplin, MO to Wichita, KS

June 30, 2023

If you could only find one day to describe today’s action it would be “HOT”. We started the day in Joplin, Missouri with temperatures reaching 90 degrees by the time the racers were on the clock. We quickly crossed into Kansas, and started rallying a tough course. Our lunch stop in Emporia, Kansas was a little later than normal, so it made for a long and grueling morning route. With temperatures over 100 degrees, we were glad to see an indoor lunch area with great A/C, fresh sandwiches and plenty of water. From there, the action only got hotter, as we took the scenic route from Emporia to Wichita. We passed through several small towns, including Strong City, Cottonwood Falls, Elmdale and more. Lake Road provided beautiful views, and a loop sent the racers back through Cottonwood Falls, where we saw the beautiful courthouse and brick streets. We made the final run into Wichita, with temperatures reaching 105 degrees. The intense heat was definitely a factor in today’s scoring, as we saw several breakdowns. Finally, we made our way to Riverfront Stadium in downtown Wichita, Kansas, where a great crowd of spectators saw the Great Race roll into town. Stage 6 overall winners were 2022 Grand Champions, Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl in their 1932 Ford speedster. Take a look at some of our highlights and stay tuned for more updates!

11 comments about “Great Race 2023 – Day 6 – Joplin, MO to Wichita, KS”

  • It was very nice to have all the cars come through savonburg Ks I love seeing all of them
    May I get any pictures that was taken by the stuff sent to me by email [email protected]
    Think you very much

  • Is that Karl in the 117 Hertz Mustang? Didn’t get to meet up in Fargo last year but good luck on your way to Colorado.

  • Thanks so much for stopping in Joplin MO. What a great event and fun to see all the cars. Hope you will stop in Joplin next year!

  • We were SO excited to see The Great Race starting in Beautiful St. Augustine, Fl. We enjoyed hours of looking at the vehicles and talking to some of the owners. It was very interesting to me, and something I had never experienced before, and maybe never again in my life.
    Thank you with sharing this wonderful experience with St. Augustine!
    Marlene Moyer

  • Houston- we talked at the starting line in St. Augustine about donating the “Welcome to St. Augustine” banner to the Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine. As they hosted the practice run on Friday, it will be attached to the overhang of its entrance way as a lasting memory of the Great Race. Please speak to Sidney at the museum. we will also display it at our Nov. 11th annual car show at the Florida School For The Deaf and Blind. Thank You. Ron Leone




  • Every car guy I know in Colorado Springs is excited to see you I have seen that your roll into town at 11 and I’ve seen 1 pm? Parking at what part of Tejon st? BTW, we pronounce that T-hone!

  • I drove 175 miles in and out of the participants. Stop a while, watch a few go by. Run on up the road, find another spot, watch some more. What fun!

    As a SE Kansas resident, I saw towns and roads I’d never have seen, otherwise. 😎

  • It was great seeing The Great Race stopping in Emporia,KS. I made down from Manhattan,KS 85 miles to see you fine folks come thru Kansas. Maybe someday I can take my 1952 Chevrolet Pickup in the race.

  • Was great seeing all the cars in Wichita,Ks was fun to talk to some of the drivers and ask them about there experiences.Safe travels to Colorado and home…

  • Wichita is a great host city, and we were pleased to have the cars and drivers make Wichita one of their stopovers! Despite the brutal heat it was great to see so many locals turn out and welcome and visit the drivers and see their marvelous vehicles! Like turning back the hands of time, how exciting it was. We do hope you’ll consider Wichita in future race plans, as we’d love to see you all again. Safe travels, till we meet again!!

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