Great Race 2023 Awards and Top Finishers

July 3, 2023

With nine days of rallying behind us, it’s time to look at the results. We enjoyed a great time at our Awards Banquet, celebrating the special award winners and top finishers in each category. If you’d like to see a full listing of daily and cumulative scores, CLICK HERE.

Grand Championship Division
Howard and Doug Sharp, 54.78s (1st overall)

Olivia and Genna Gentry, 1m01.56s (2nd overall)

Jeff and Eric Fredette, 1m21.50s (6th overall)

Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, 1m26.67s (8th overall)

Dave Reeder and Sawyer Stone, 1m28.29s (9th overall)

Expert Division
Dan and Brad Epple, 1m12.24s (3rd overall)

Neil Myerscough and Shanna Chatraw, 1m19.54s (4th overall)

Chad and Jennie Caldwell, 1m20.50s (5th overall)

Jeff and Kylie Hermanson, 1m23.66s (7th overall)

Annagret Reichmann and Uli Kammholz, 1m39.00s (10th overall)

Sportsman Division
Tom and Dash Roberts, 1m39.00s

Patrick Lauber and Ron Smith, 1m48.36s

Rick Horne and Rob Roemer, 2m21.00s

Ken Kieley and Mike Roberts, 2m24.00s

Kirk and Travis Bugg, 2m25.00s

Rookie Division
Gerno Reinard and Erin Roberts, 1m43.00s

Jerry and Eric Magayne, 2m32.00s

Sean and Brendan Gilligan, 3m27.00s

Andrea LaBarbara (motorcycle), 4m31.42s

Pete and Trinity Barger, 5m01.00s

X-Cup Division
Early Ford V8 #2, Jack Pontius, Kennedy Pontius, Connor Miller, 3m04.23s

X-Cup Scholarship Awards

Ace Award Winner — Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl

Best Dressed Award — Frank Westfall

Our Best Friend — Andrea LaBarbara

Never Say Die Award — David and Ethan Brogdon

Doc Fuson Trucking Award — 1965 Ford F350 Flatbed

Best Classic Car — 1940 Indian motorcycle

Best Race Car — 1966 Chevelle SS

Tag and Marybeth Lewis “Best of Show” — 1970 Camaro Z28

McCollister’s Auto Transport “Last But Not Least” Award — Shane Clark and Tom Farinacci

Richard Fredette Perseverance Award — John Classen

Tom McRae Spirit of the Event Award — Steve, Janet and Allison Hedke

6 comments about “Great Race 2023 Awards and Top Finishers”

  • wow jack kennedy connor your x cup win shows what team work and thinking outside of the box can do. you put the car together and made it a winner. you make me proud to know you

  • Thanks for a great race. Very entertaining!! Looking forward to next year. My wife and I came to St Augistene for the send off. We enjoyed every minute. And what a City to start in. We enjoyer!!

  • We so enjoyed being at the finish line on Sunday. It brought back lots of memories of doing the race and also the friends we made during the races.

  • My husband and I traveled from our home in East Central Florida to see the start of the 2023 Great Race. We were motivated to do so by the Pontius Miller Pontius X-cup team (being friends of Jack and Kennedy’s Grandparents). What a treat to be there for the start and follow along for the whole week via the great posting’s on the Great Race Website. None of this happened without tremendous effort on the part of sponsors, support teams, families, host towns and cities, various volunteers and a cast of characters unknown to us. Of course there is a back story that started way before these young people could even drive. We salute all involved and do wish that all young people could have this type of opportunity. Thanks for a fun filled week.

  • We are the proud grandparents of Jack and Kennedy Pontius. Wow. Congrats to Jack, Kennedy and Connor on winning the X Cup. And congratulations to their sponsoring Museums, the National Auto and Truck Museum and the V-8 Ford Museum in Auburn, Indiana on their very successful Youth Programs.

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