Great Race 2022 – Day 9 – The Finish in Fargo

June 27, 2022

Here it is, the final day of the 2022 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club! We were thrilled to make our way into Fargo, North Dakota for the final day of rallying and Director of Competition John Classen set up a challenging route for the final stretch. A combination of long runs holding speed (in the strong wind), as well as a tough series of short instructions through neighborhoods made for a tricky day, even for the experienced crowd. Ultimately, when the racers came off the clock, they grabbed lunch at the Fargo Air Museum and then made their way into downtown Fargo for a spectacular finish! After all the cars came through, the top contestants circled back around for the winner’s ceremony. Finally, we gathered the whole group at the host hotel for the awards banquet. It was a long day of activities and we’re just thrilled to have completed another Great Race event. Take a look at some of our Stage 9 highlights and photos from the finish. Congrats to Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl for their first ever Great Race Grand Championship! We’ll follow up with an additional article with all of the winners.

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  • Congratulations to Josh and Trevor, and to all who finished The Great Race! I really enjoyed the trip from my living room and sometimes even while visiting Rocky Point here in Warwick, Rhode Island. One of my favorite spots for years overlooking the bay. Just thinking only nine days ago this area was full of anticipation of the arrival of many contenders lining up to start their journey to Fargo, N.D. Here I am today Sunday 6/26/2022 a little after noon EST, looking out over the now empty area where I first saw all the race teams lining up for their start and the green flag. And by now they are all at the finish line. Only a couple of days before the race did I have the pleasure of meeting a few of the teams at The Crown Plaza here in Warwick. I thought of the teams every day wondering what it was really like being out there and hoping all are safe. Well, you did it! Congratulations to all and now get some much deserved rest! Thanks!

    • You reflect the feelings of many of the racers this morning as we get ready to drive or fly home. Rocky Point was the best starting point that I have seen in the fourteen years I have been on the race. The huge, responsive crowds along the way encouraged the racers. It is “a once in a lifetime event that happens every year”!

        • Thank you Brad! It was a struggle but we persevered and finished strong. You and Erin had a great run! Congrats! See you down the road.

  • Occupied a spot in the parking lot at the Fargo Dome to see some of the vehicles come down University Dr….and although would have liked to stay for the activities down town we originally came up for the 150th Anniversary of the oldest Lutheran Church in North Dakota just a few miles southwest of Fargo. I own a 1926 Chrysler Four 4 door sedan that I have in Yuma, Arizona…which was restored in Bradford Vermont by two brothers who collected twelve cars starting in 1924 with the first and followed through 1937 as their parents and grand parents had a Chrysler Dealership in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was the first one to buy from this collection and can hardly wait until the year 2026.

  • What a great time in Detroit Lakes on Saturday and watching the video from Fargo yesterday. Unfortunately I could not attend the last day in Fargo but looked like a good turnout and a lot of excitement for all. Sorry I wasn’t able to see # 117 Mustang GT350H of Karl and Joan but maybe we will meet again sometime. Safe travels back home to all.

  • Josh and Trevor, we knew you were good when you made expert in your rookie year without even finishing. It was only a matter of time. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m buying the shots by colors next time!

  • Josh and Trevor, we knew you were good when you made expert in your rookie year without even finishing. It was only a matter of time. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m buying the shots by colors next time!

  • Enjoyed watching all the cars driving up State Street in Erie, Pa. A lot of Wonderful Vehicles. Glad we got to see this. Was a Great Show…

  • We met with Several drivers and support staff in WI Dells & then again in Chippewa Falls. They all were great and signed the programs for our grandchildren! Our First Great Race! We hope they schedule another race going through our area again. Worth the 4+Hour drive to see them.

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