Great Race 2022 – Day 8 – Duluth to Detroit Lakes, MN

June 25, 2022

The last two days of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club are always challenging, as no legs can be thrown out from the daily scores. Every move you make matters, and we’re always blown away by the intensity and the focus required to nail all of the legs on any given day. But during the last two days, Director of Competition, John Classen always looks for ways to challenge the teams. Tricky course instructions, like a loop that intersects rally traffic can really mix up the field. Today, we saw rainy weather early in the day, but later saw beautiful blue skies, unbelievable clouds and cool temperatures. The wind really picked up, which presents a challenge when it comes to holding speed for long stretches. We stopped for lunch at Brainerd International Raceway, a famous drag strip that hosts NHRA professional drag race events. We didn’t get to see any drag racing, but they did have a drifting exhibition going on, and we were glad to take a break from the action for a few minutes. Then, it was back on the course for a busy afternoon. Our evening stop was held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, where a great turnout of people came to welcome the Great Racers to town. After the scores were tabulated, it was Howard and Doug Sharp at the top of the list with a 4.62 second score. The three-time winners of the Great Race had not yet won a daily trophy, and today’s performance actually put them at the top of the overall leaderboard by only 3 hundredths of a second! They barely snuck past the team of Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl, who have been at the top of the board for days. It’s going to come right down to the wire on tomorrow’s Championship Run!

8 comments about “Great Race 2022 – Day 8 – Duluth to Detroit Lakes, MN”

  • These cars came past our home early Sat. afternoon, as we were working out in the yard on 255th Ave. outside of Staples, Mn. Didn’t find out what was all about until later. Sure looked like alot of FUN!! Knew the Mn bike race came through earlier in week, but would have been nice to know about this too before hand. Hope every one had a fun and safe time.

  • The Geisler family is so excited for the SHARP TEAM! Bring home that beautiful trophy MEN! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Great time in Detroit Lakes today to see these amazing cars and crew. Drive safe to Fargo and hope to see the finish tomorrow.

  • Great time standing outside Brainerd International Raceway in the rain watching all the intrepid racers arrive.

  • We really enjoyed seeing all the participants and vehicles in Detroit Lakes! Loved all the stories for each team! Have a safe final leg in Fargo,ND!

  • What a treat to see these incredible cars and chat with the teams in Detroit Lakes! Seeing a page of their route “instructions” was mind-boggling. Would be fun if they shared the route after the event so we could give it a go (at least one leg) just for fun. We are new fans who will be following this event in the future. Good luck on your final leg to Fargo and safe travels home to you all.

  • I thought I would lose interest in Hemmings Motor News Great Race once they left the Perrysburg, Ohio Pit Stop, but I have not. It has been nice reading the update and seeing the vehicles along the route. So many people watching and helping to make this a great event! Can’t wait to read about the final today. Hoping Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl have a great ending. THANKS!

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