Great Race 2022 – Day 5 – Perrysburg, OH to Plainfield, IL

June 23, 2022

As we make it past the half way point of this year’s Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club, we cross two more states off the to-do list. We started our day in Ohio, and the teams had another tough day that included more tough intersections and stop and go instructions. This allowed us to cover a lot of ground on small roads, eventually making our way to South Bend, Indiana for the lunch stop at the Studebaker National Museum. Inside, we had a delicious meal and a little extra time to check out the multi-level museum. With a combination of a tough transit into the Chicago area, as well as changing over to the Central Time zone, we had a rather short afternoon route. The afternoon course saw more farm land, and plenty of challenges, including a giant implement that took up a large portion of the road. After the racers came off the clock, it was a rough ride on the interstate to make our way to the dinner stop. Rush hour traffic, big trucks and construction made it a tough haul, but it was worth it, because the stop in Plainfield, Illinois was absolutely stunning. Thousands of people came out and packed the streets to welcome these cars into town. And when it was time for everyone to start rolling out of town, it seemed that no one wanted to leave. It was a great setting, an excellent meal and tons of great people. At the end of the day, it was another different Daily Winner, the fifth different winner in five days of competition. This time it was Jeff and Kylie Hermanson, with a score of 5.07 seconds. Josh Hull and Trevor Stahl are in the lead heading into Stage 6, but the field is tightening up FAST.

12 comments about “Great Race 2022 – Day 5 – Perrysburg, OH to Plainfield, IL”

  • Thanks for stopping by Plainfield with all the wonderful unique cars and bringing so many smiles to our community. Hope you all enjoyed your stay and have a safe trip as you head to Fargo.

  • Thanks for a great time in Plainfield. It was fun to see the last car pull in with everyone cheering and clapping. Lots of great cars, good food and a good people. I will add this to my bucket list once my ’65 Mustang restomod is completed.
    Safe travels!

  • Looking forward to seeing these amazing cars and trucks in Sun Prairie WI. Have a safe ride and “Drink Milk” while visiting our dairy state or do like me and eat ice cream.

  • How do you ensure you’re taking pictures of all teams? Many teams have 0 or 1 picture and others have pictures daily. Would love to see pics of the teams that aren’t represented often!

  • What A great Event in Plainfield, made the trip to cheer on the all girl crew of the 1966 red mustang…….great ,smart and fast and such wonderful young woman.

    have fun going through Wisconsin, its a beautiful State


  • Nice to see the REO Speedster back in the pictures. Saw him pulled over near Bethel NY on Sunday enroute to Binghamton. Really cool car. Safe travels to all drivers and staff. Had a great time in Montgomery NY at the lunch stop.

  • We had a GREAT time hosting the Great Race in Plainfield! Two days later, the entire town is still “buzzing” about the vintage cars, the great people, and the fantastic evening! This is an event that will be remembered and talked about for years. Hope everyone involved in the Great Race enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed hosting you. Thanks for stopping in historic Plainfield, IL!
    Michael Lambert
    Plainfield Historical Society

  • I returned to my hometown of Plainfield for the 2022 Great Race event. The cars were like a procession of museum vehicles. Right out of a movie. A great slice of Americana. When several blocks of race spectators in downtown Plainfield stood collectively for the singing of the national anthem and recited the pledge of allegiance as the American colors were presented, my pride in our country and my hometown was overflowing. An awesome experience I will never forget. Looking forward to next year’s race.

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