Great Race 2022 – Day 2 – Windsor Locks, CT to Binghamton, NY

June 19, 2022

Day 2 of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club brought a number of challenges for the drivers, navigators and of course, the cars. We rolled out of Windsor Locks, Connecticut and made our way to the backroads for a scenic route that featured hills, narrow roads and countless small towns. In those small towns, the race teams fought through congested streets, traffic lights and other distractions, but managed to stay on time, or at least make up the time in a later portion of the leg. As we made our way into the small town of Montgomery, New York, we were greeted by thousands of folks who came out on a sunny Sunday to check out our field of 130 cars and trucks. The town itself is beautiful, and the people there were incredibly nice. After a quick lunch, we were back on the road, once again making our way through small towns, scenic back roads and a beautiful drive along the Delaware River along Route 97. Another cool sight was the property where the famous Woodstock Music and Art Fair (most commonly referred to as simply Woodstock) took place in 1969. With so many great things to see, we were able to capture a lot of cool shots today, so enjoy our gallery of photos. We once again had a first time daily winner…this time it was Neil “Catfish” Myerscough and his daughter Shanna “Banana” Chatraw in their 1934 Ford Indy racer. Tomorrow we continue our Westward trek across New York State, ending up in Erie, Pennsylvania. Follow us on Facebook to see more fun content every day!

22 comments about “Great Race 2022 – Day 2 – Windsor Locks, CT to Binghamton, NY”

  • Is there any chance you could provide a route guide to your race? It would be fun to follow along on my road atlas at home and possibly drive that route at a later date

    • They do not publish an exact route as it is secret to even the participants until they depart. Mostly back roads though from what I learned. They do provide a general list of towns where they stop.

  • What a great arrival in Binghamton on Father’s Day too! I took my three sons in our ‘67 Corvair Monza convertible and joined the fun! Great to have the race back here in town!

  • So many awesome cars….

    WTF – where is the traveling bus?
    W T Finland? I hear there was a 🔥 on the wheel?

    Many cars powered by Dave Smith….many original family cars- passed down generations. The ultimate U.S Car event ever! I would love to do this one day .

  • So many awesome cars….

    WTF – where is the traveling bus?
    W T Finland? I hear there was a 🔥 on the wheel?

  • Is that one hill upward really as steep as it looks in the pictures?
    Drive safe, avoid those deer.
    See you Tuesday on HISTORIC ROUTE 20 in downtown Perrysburg, Ohio.

  • Thanks for coming through my home town, Perrysburg, Ohio! It was so much fun watching all of you go buy, right on my street. Have a fantastic time the rest of your trip. You made my heart sing!

  • I just love it.The photos were fantastic,the people and fan fare are great. I’m gladto see so many people come out to see the cars and owners. I would love to have the map they used to take it myself someday.

    Thank you so much for the pictures and info,can’t wait to see tomorrowsnews

  • I had not heard of The Great Race prior to seeing participants on I-84 on the Sunday morning of leg 2. My daughter and I were traveling west from northeastern Connecticut and passed several contestants and I was astounded at the beauty of each car we passed. When I got home I immediately did a search and thought this was one of the coolest things I had witnessed in a long time. On top of it all when I was telling coworkers about it the next one of my coworkers said the route went right passed his fathers home in Putnam county New York and h too saw many cool old cars. What a great event and thank you for preserving and drawing attention to a hobby that many forget about.

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