Great Race 2021 Day 5: Cape Girardeau, MO to Owensboro, KY

June 24, 2021

On the road again! We had a little less ground to cover today, so the route featured lots of turns, speed changes and maneuvers compared to previous days. We left Cape Girardeau, Missouri on a high note, after an incredible stop the night before. Thousands of people joined us, and these big crowds really energize the racers and staff as we cross over the half way point of our nine day adventure. The smiling faces make all the difference in the world after a tough day on the course, and we were once again greeted by thousands of folks today. But before we reached the hosted stops, we saw beautiful farm land and we actually crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois on our way to lunch. It was a surprise for our racers, as we had not publicized our small taste of Illinois in any of our marketing materials. Another special surprise consisted of a quick photo opp in front of the giant Superman statue in downtown Metropolis, Illinois. After that, we went across the Irvin S Cobb bridge, crossing the Ohio River, to enter Paducah, Kentucky for our lunch stop.

Our lunch seemed to go by in an instant and we were back on the road. Before we got back on the clock, we crossed the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River. The scenery was wonderful this afternoon with a mixture of rolling hills and flat farmland. We rolled into Owensboro, Kentucky with high expectations after our last several nights of huge turnouts. And, when we rounded the corner on Veterans Boulevard, it was a major shock! One of the largest Great Race crowds we’ve ever seen welcomed the cars and drivers to town. Thousand of people surrounded the cars, and we all enjoyed live music, delicious food and fellowship with the awesome car-crazy community in Owensboro. By the end of the day, the scores were once again all over the map, but for the first time in the 2021 Great Race, we had a repeat stage winner. The Gentry girls did it again with an outstanding score behind the wheel of their Flathead powered 1932 Ford five-window coupe. Take a look at some highlights from today’s action.

Stage 5 Winners: Olivia and Genna Gentry

10 comments about “Great Race 2021 Day 5: Cape Girardeau, MO to Owensboro, KY”

  • So enjoyed seeing all the great cars & participants roll through Paducah, KY today! Shout out to Thom & Joe #129!

  • Great Race, indeed! Seeing all the cars and participants come in at the Paducah stop was just the ultimate ‘car show’! Better yet was riding along the route for a few miles and watching ya’ll get on down the road. Best of luck to you all.

  • Owensboro is PROUD to have hosted new friends participating in the Great Race! Everyone loved looking at the beautiful cars and hearing their stories.

  • We in Paducah so enjoyed the Great Race’s stop for lunch in our town!!! What an exciting afternoon as we watched the fabulous cars and friendly drivers and navigators drive along our riverfront! What a pleasure it was to hear the stories of the participants’ experiences along the route! Please come through our town again soon!

  • What an amazing day to see the Great Race come through Paducah! I enjoyed passing out cross pennies and meeting the drivers from all over our great country! The cars are just the coolest! Maybe one day my daughter and I will join and take my mom’s ’69 SS Camaro on the great ride!

  • As I got of work on Wednesday the 23rd and merged onto the Audubon Parkway I was passed by some vehicles. I pulled over to take some pictures and watch. As I got into Owensboro I followed them downtown and was amazed. What a Great Race! Went home and watched Cannonball Run!

  • I seen a lot of them cars coming by as they passed by my workplace. Needless to say I took my lunch break watching those great racers pass by. Amazing cars. Really liked the decked out semi one.

  • I was google eyed like a little kid when I saw y’all roll thru Caneyville this morning! Absolutely beautiful cars and amazing variety! I hope to one day be a part of it!

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