Great Race 2021 Day 4: Joplin to Cape Girardeau, Missouri

June 22, 2021

Day 4 of the 2021 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club sent us on a long haul across the state of Missouri. We started the day in Joplin and headed east early in the morning with a lengthy trek on the interstate, before going on the clock. After we peeled off the interstate, it was time to start the day’s competition, and it was a tough one. There were quite a few long stretches of steady speed, but way more maneuvers and challenging terrain than previous days. We also encountered plenty of traffic, which plays a huge role in the competition. We made a lunch stop in Rolla, Missouri and this small town came out in full force! We were treated to a delicious lunch, and hit the road again. After navigating the beautiful, rolling hills, we made our way to the Mississippi River for yet another spectacular evening stop. This one was familiar to our longtime Great Racers, as we visited Cape Girardeau, Missouri for an evening stop on the 2013 Great Race. Once again, thousands of people came out to cheer on the Great Racers. It was incredible! The views of the Mississippi River, the stunning meal and the giant crowd will have us talking about Cape Girardeau for years to come.

Stage 4 Winners: Olivia and Genna Gentry

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