Great Race 2021 Day 3: Oklahoma to Joplin, Missouri

June 21, 2021

Day 3 of the 2021 Great Race kicked off from our hotels in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and we covered a lot of ground before ever going on the clock. Long transits were common on the entire route. It was a matter of time before we ran into some rain, and today was the day. Let’s hope that we can stay dry for the remainder of the race, but the upside to the rain showers were much cooler temperatures in the afternoon. We blasted onto Historic Route 66 as we zeroed in on our lunch stop in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Even with the rainy conditions, spectators flocked to the Heart of Route 66 Museum, where we made a brief stop…just long enough for a BBQ sandwich and a quick look at the collection inside the museum.

From there, we made our way around Tulsa, finally diving off of Interstate 44 and finishing the day’s rallying on Route 66. It was a long straight drive for most of the day, but a challenging set of instructions nonetheless. We ended Day 3 on a high note with one of the greatest evening stops in recent history. Thousands of spectators came to Joplin, Missouri to welcome the Great Race to town. What an incredible site and we’re gearing up for more big crowds tomorrow as we make our way across Missouri. History was made today, as a rookie team achieved the top score in Stage 3…never has a rookie team beat out the veterans for an entire day of rallying. Check out the highlights and check back tomorrow for more!

Stage 3 Winners: Tom Roberts Jr and Dash Roberts

18 comments about “Great Race 2021 Day 3: Oklahoma to Joplin, Missouri”

  • My daughter and I enjoyed coming out to see this wonderful event and it absolutely made our day. Thank you for gracing Joplin with such beautiful nostalgia and amazing people. Stay safe on the road and good luck to everyone.

  • Cool breeze and WAY COOL event yesterday evening as about 140 classic and vintage cars roll thru downtown Joplin MO. We loved every second of it, as did our dog Coco. Great photo opportunities. Come back next year. Made our summer !!!!! Stan, Carol, Coco

  • Love all of these photos! These cars are amazing and thank you for posting all of them so it feels like we’re there! Still on the lookout for the 1940 Cadillac (:

  • Greetings to Terry Riggs, #105 ….. Fantastic day well done.
    Keep the Volvo PV 544 ROLLING!!
    Best wishes from your friends at “team Phoenix”
    david and Peter

  • Greetings to #52 Ruker/Walker…. Fantastic job you are doing keeping up in the pack with the beautiful 359 Peterbilt. Good low scores and getting more consistent. wonderful to see. Keep up the good job.
    david and Peter, Team “Phoenix” (1966 Volvo Amazon not in GR this year)

  • Love seeing the pictures and of course the crowd when you rolled into Joplin. Stay safe and enjoy tomorrow

  • Love seeing the pictures and of course the crowd when you rolled into Joplin. Stay safe and enjoy tomorrow

  • We enjoyed catering your lunch stop in Sapulpa, OK. Great time seeing the cars roll in and hearing their unique stories experiencing The Great Race!
    Joel & Ronda
    Boss Hawg BBQ Team

  • As I continue to follow the excitement each day and as excited as I am to track known teams and their vehicles, it is so awesome to see Rookies and Sportsman mastering the skills required to rise to the top!
    The photos and summaries are amazing once again. The crowds look marvellous!
    Thanks for keeping old “MotorMouth” in the loop through your daily updates!
    Continue to be safe!

  • I live in a very small town in Oklahoma called Sasakwa. On my drive home I had passed a car that had tons of stickers and was like wow I bet that car is in a race or something and I kept meeting more cars. So when I got to the post office I sat there and waited and watched more cars go by. I quit counting at 55. It was amazing to see this in this small country town. Thank you for letting them drive through this town and making a bad day into a very good day.

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