Great Race 2021 Day 2: Temple to Nocona, Texas

June 21, 2021

Day 2 of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club kicked off with intense sunshine, as we motored north of Waco before peeling off the interstate and starting the timed portion of the route. Early on, the route sent the teams into a loop, and then continued on toward Granbury, Texas, which is home to Sister McRae. She is the sister of Great Race founder, Tom McRae, and this whole idea started right there in Granbury. We received a warm welcome at the historic courthouse square, ate a quick lunch and jumped back on the road to get the afternoon route started. We passed so many beautiful farms and ranches, and the rolling hills provided a nice view of the landscape. As the day of rallying came to an end, we started seeing people pulled off the side of the road, and sitting in their front yards to watch the cars roll in. The smiling faces and friendly waves let us know what to expect at our dinner stop in Nocona, Texas, a small town that is the Classic Car Capital of Texas! With so many enthusiasts around the area, we were surrounded by car guys and gals, and we had the opportunity to check out the Horton Classic Car Museum. Check out our highlights from today’s route, including some fun car-to-car shots that we got on our late evening drive to the hotels.

Stage 2 Winners: Beth Gentry and Jody Knowles

13 comments about “Great Race 2021 Day 2: Temple to Nocona, Texas”

  • A spectacular capture of the day, particularly remembering the Courthouse Square in Granbury! The photos of the vehicles is awesome!
    Each morning, I jump up to read the summary and to see pics from the previous day….then go to the daily scores and cumulative scores to check out the entire entry list! There are some familiar names appearing at the top of the list. The X Cup competition looks really close!

  • Enjoyed seeing all the cars, great pictures, thanks Brings back so many memories when I was able to compete in 2015.

  • Are we on for Monday in the rain??? Love to see but I’m three hours away and need to leave soon ! Is the race on today?

  • Thanks for coming to Nocona! It was fun watching you all..made a great Father’s Day for all the dads.

  • Car 73 (above) a Model-A tudor sedan sponsored ny Snyders. If you have an A you are pullin for them, because Snyders has great service. They don’t just sell you parts, they want you to get the right part, and a quality part.

  • I’m looking forward to the Western Kentucky leg of the race on Wednesday the 23rd.
    Good Luck to all the participants, see you in Wickliffe and Paducah.

  • Good Luck to all you Guys. You are all looking good! It’s great to see the cars rolling
    again. Ed and Ken, I’m sure Richard is riding along side both of you! Have a Great Time!

  • How long will the cars be in Galax, VA during the lunch stop? Wanted to see and enjoy as much as possible. I am trying to decide whether to go to Galax , VA or Mooresville, NC. About the same trip for me. Thank you for your reply.

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