Great Race 2018 Event Regulations Posted

December 12, 2017

The Great Race has announced the 2018 Event Regulations are posted and available for viewing on the website. There are no major changes again this year to the rules, but each contestant is responsible for reading and understanding the regulations. Obvious changes are the dates of the event and the promoted city stops, beginning with the start in Buffalo, New York on Saturday, June 23, and ending with the finish in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sunday, July 1.

There are two regulations highlighted, and they are both in Section II. H. Equipment with numbers 2 and 4. They are:
(2) Wristwatches: In addition, the driver and navigator may each wear one approved analog wristwatch without stopwatch function. A digital wristwatch is prohibited.

(4) Any clock or watch that is self-correcting or self-synchronizing by using radio, cellular, or satellite/GPS technology is prohibited.

Participants may review the regulations by clicking this link:

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