Great Race Registration Times Released

May 1, 2018

Registration times for the 2018 Great Race have been released and have been emailed to all key contacts for each race team. The times are also available on the Great Race website under the “Rally Details” tab. Registration for each team begins at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 21. The Registration will be in the Fountain Room of the Adams Mark hotel where everyone is staying. It is on the main level just to the left past the restaurant from the lobby. The time listed is the time you should arrive at the Fountain Room. After a quick trip through registration (quick if you have submitted all of your paperwork) you will immediately proceed to Vehicle Technical Inspection with your car. The inspection will take place just outside in the parking lot of the hotel. Again, if you have completed all of your paperwork in advance, this entire process from registration at the hotel through inspection will take less than an hour. Please note: If your team has completed all of its paperwork in advance, only one member of the team has to go to registration. That team member can pick up everything for the entire team. If paperwork is not in order, all members of the team must come to registration at the appointed time to complete any and all paperwork. If you miss your time you will be rescheduled for the Make-Up Times late in the afternoon. To see the Registration times, please click here:

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