Bowling Green, KY to Franklin, IN — Day 4 of the 2017 Great Race

June 27, 2017

Another day and another few hundred miles on the odometer leads us to Franklin, Indiana for an overnight stop. Our day was filled with hills, twists and turns as we traversed the Kentucky farmland, and made our way across the Ohio River and into the state of Indiana. Once again, the course had some tricky instructions, this time with many speed changes, including a 15 mile per hour to 40 mile per hour change in a steep uphill grade. We’re guessing the racers had to do some serious math to make up for the acceleration time. We stopped in French Lick, Indiana, a beautiful historic town that offered the perfect venue for us. The lunch was delicious and the local British sports car club had a great turnout of cars to welcome the racers. Other classic cars also came out for the festivities, as the weather was absolutely beautiful!

After lunch, the route had some major changes, as our pre-runner team found some serious construction blocking a large portion of our timed course. So, the cars were re-routed with special instructions, and it actually led to a casual cruise for the later part of the afternoon. Day 4 brings another new daily winner, as the challenging route yielded a nearly perfect 1.62 second score from Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry, driving a 1932 Ford cabriolet. The cumulative scores show that Jeff and Eric Fredette are still holding strong in first position, with a score of 9.78 seconds after four days of rallying. Our evening stop in Franklin, Indiana was one of the largest on this year’s race, and the entire courthouse square was consumed with Great Race cars and thousands of spectators from around the area. With the awesome turnout and hospitality from the folks in Franklin, it was a nice end to day 4 of the 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. As the sun went down, we hightailed it to our hotel for the night and we’ll hit the road bright and early again tomorrow! Enjoy our daily recap and keep your eyes peeled for more cool stuff all week long!

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