Great Lakes Planning Trip–Day 6

October 3, 2011

Still on the road and documenting his steps, Jeff Stumb gives us another overview of his day’s travels. Check it out:

DAY 6 — Kingston, Ontario, and Watertown, N.Y.

We enjoyed our time in Canada, but we were looking forward to getting back in the United States. So we were not prepared for what lay ahead in Kingston. Canada is beautiful, but Kingston was an unexpected pleasure. It was like a mini Seattle or Vancouver the way is sits on Lake Ontario. It is a city of almost 150,000 people, and the downtown actually overlooks the lake, including Confederation Park and City Hall which is where the lunch stop will be on June 27, 2012. It is also the exact halfway point of the race.

When we left Kingston we traveled back into the United States across Thousand Island Bridge. It wasn’t long before we arrived in Watertown, New York and met with volunteers for the event. The stop in Watertown has been moved to the Fairgrounds to handle the enormous crowd local organizers are expecting. More to come soon.

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