Great Lakes Planning Trip–Day 3

September 30, 2011

More notes from the road from Great Race Director, Jeff Stumb:

DAY 3 — Elliott Lake and Sudbury

We left Sault Ste. Marie bright and early to make the drive over the bridge into Canada. We were through customs in less than 20 minutes, which included a 10-minute trip inside to see the head Mountie about that funny looking gear and cable hanging from our rear wheel. Once we told them we were measuring the course for the Great Race and gave them some hats, T-shirts and programs, we were sent on our way. During the race next year as participants, you will be entering Canada on a pleasure trip and not the business trip John and I were on. And we are working with local officials to have a list of all entrants to the custom officials to speed the crossing up as much as possible. John assures me that no one will get hung up and miss a start (but if you do you can always turn in a time delay).

On the way into Elliott Lake, our lunch stop, we followed the north shore of Lake Huron. Although it was rainy, it was quite a site. We also came across a huge moose in a rural area road. But instead of running away, he ran down the middle of the road for more than a mile (or should I say more than a kilometer and a half)! John clocked him at 22.5 miles per hour on the official Great Race speedometer. He was young, but he looked to be more than 700 pounds.

Great Lakes

We saw this moose in the road outside of Elliott Lake, Ontario.

The folks in Sudbury are excited about the Great Race coming to their town, and they are planning a fantastic event downtown. Sudbury was one of the stops on the ill-fated 2008 around the world Great Race, and it is the largest nickle mining city in the world. The host hotel is the downtown Radisson, and Jerry Seinfeld was staying there the same night we did. We were offered tickets to his show, but we declined because we were tired and had a another big day ahead of us the following morning (the Great Race must come first!).

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