Sister McRae Reported Safe from Granbury, TX Tornados

May 16, 2013

Great Race 2013

We have just heard from Sister McRae and she reports that she is safe from the terrible tornado which hit her hometown of Granbury, Texas, last night. She says the damage is about five miles from her house and that it is severe. News reports say that several were killed and that dozens more are seriously injured.

Granbury is the former longtime home of the Great Race and founder Tom McRae. For many years, a three-day regional rally was also held in Granbury, so many veteran racers have spent time there. Sister said she is looking forward to the Great Race seeing everyone on the event next month from St. Paul to Mobile. She will once again be working closely with the souvenir sales staff.

2 comments about “Sister McRae Reported Safe from Granbury, TX Tornados”

  • I’ve been searching for Granbury updates… Thanks Great Race. I have many fond memories of days spent in Granury preparing and doing Great Race related activities. I hope that that beautiful town square is preserved. Prayers go out to families affected!

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