Gearing Up!

June 7, 2013

Early June means it’s “Gear Up” time for MotorMouth! During the months from the completion of the previous Great Race, I follow the website with great care, keep in touch with Great Racers through social media and slowly start my preparation for the next “Great” event. Once the route is established, I start reading all that I can about the cities and towns through which we’ll be passing. With up to 12 crossings of the Mississippi River, a lot of time is spent learning about the importance of that great waterway. Next comes the gathering of information about the teams, the cars, the drivers and navigators. Between now and when I arrive in St. Paul,the show script and text of what is said and how it will be said is fine tuned in cooperation with Jeff and staff at headquarters… the notes start to arrive from competitors with the special stories about their team and/or their car. As each piece falls into place, the excitement builds.  Indeed, it’s time to gear up for the Rally down the Mississippi!

4 comments about “Gearing Up!”

  • Motor Mouth does an excellent job. All Great Racers know how it feels to hear him announce them. Thanks for all you do.

  • John Clausen suggested we prepare a tutorial to help you correctly pronounce the Cajun names of the many officials and guests expected during the stops here in Louisiana. I know as a Canadian you may have some familiarity with our French and Germanic family names, but how are you with our Cajun accents and the Fren-glish dialect. Yeah ??? that’s what John said.
    MA CHERE, don’t worry noothinng bout dat! Ain’t nobody here gonna understoood a thing you gonna say nohow!!!

  • When I think of Great Race I think of “Motormouth”!Somehow the two just seem to be very firmly tied to each other.
    It is such fun to read your stories each day about the events and people along the way.
    It has been a few years since we traveled with the group. Bill passed away last year, but I have many memories of our years with Great Race with the old Graham .
    Hope you have another race full of all kinds of interesting happenings; hopefully all nice ones. Good luck with the trip and the weather! Looking forward to your reports!

  • Greetings Des,
    I was very touched by your comments. Indeed, Great Race and I appear to be inextricably entangled. I know the joy of which you speak. I so enjoyed welcoming that beautiful 1936 Graham at each and every venue. As we rally down the Mississippi, I’ll keep you, Bill and good old #61..the Graham “Cavalier” in my thoughts!
    Best wishes!

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