Fewer Kentuckians in the Great Race

June 25, 2013

Sorry to hear Don and Mary Anne were having car issues and dropped out of the race. DSCN7136 DSCN7189

Also the Bluegrass Boys have been reduced by one. Billie had to leave our team because of his back. The ’69 Dart was not built for comfort and especially the back seat.  We are now without our referee. Billie you will be missed. Another hot day, but no rain.

3 comments about “Fewer Kentuckians in the Great Race”

  • That has to be a 1956 Ford Fairlane. My first car was a 56 Black and White Ford Fairlane. Brings back good memories.

  • Sorry to hear about Billie, too. Please drive safely as you are over halfway done! So proud of you hubs and your team to have made it this far as rookies! I only wish I could be there at the finish line to cheer you across it!

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