Famous Boxer, Micky Ward to be at Lowell, MA Stop

June 13, 2014

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Lowell, Massachusetts is home to a very well known boxer, Micky Ward. He went by the nickname “Irish” and he competed in the Junior Welterweight division for many years. His record is 38-13 with a total of 28 wins by knockout. Micky has agreed to join the fun as the Great Race stops in his hometown of Lowell, on Saturday, June 21. Humpy Wheeler, legendary NASCAR promoter, actually spent some time in the boxing ring at a younger age, and set up the Micky Ward appearance, proving that he’s still one of the greatest sports promoters around. Our stop in Lowell is located on Middle Street in downtown Lowell, and the first car rolls through the gate at 4:45pm. Be there!

One comment about “Famous Boxer, Micky Ward to be at Lowell, MA Stop”

  • Several of the folks in Lowell that I have become friends with setting up the Great Race stop there were in the movie about Micky life called “The Fighter.” It was filmed in Lowell on the same street the race will be stopping on in just over a week.

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