Sportsman Great Racers Earning the Expert Classification

December 1, 2016

The most Great Racers at one time in more than a decade have advanced into Expert Division due to their performances on the 2016 Great Race. In all, nine racers have been re-classified from Sportsman to Expert, including 2016 Sportsman winners Bryan and Ian Deering. The Deerings also finished sixth overall in 2016 in their 1935 Ford. Also moving up were Brad and Dan Epple, who finished 10th overall and second in Sportsman in their 1934 Ford produce truck.

Two teams who failed to finish the 2016 race due to mechanic failures had fantastic starts which bumped them up to Expert. They were Trevor Stahl and Josh Hull in their 1932 Ford Dirt Track Racer called “Stars and Stripes” and Ed Habetz and Tom Regan in their 1928 Ford Model A Speedster.

Stahl and Hull were first in Sportsman and fifth overall heading into Day 8 when their car failed. Up to that point they had three daily wins in Sportsman, six Top 10 overall daily finishes and four Top 5 overall daily finishes.

Habetz and Regan have participated in the Great Race for a number of years and the last two years have been as competitive as anyone. They won Days 1 and 4 in Sportsman and had three Top 10 overall finishes and two Top 5 overall finishes in 2016.

Also moving up to Expert was Alex Dinges, who has been competing with his Dad Robert Dinges for two years in Expert due to his dad’s experience through the years. They were third overall on Day 2 and first overall on Day 3 in 2016. They also won a day on the 2015 Great Race.

There are three ways to move from Sportsman to Expert. They are: win the Sportsman Division; finish in the Top 10 overall; or three Top 5 daily finishes through the years.

Below is the list of those who must compete in the Grand Championship Division and those who must compete in the Expert Division. All others are Sportsman, Rookies or X-Cup.

These contestants must be in Grand Championship Division

Michael Anderson
Wayne Bell
Dick Burdick
Jack Cassan
John Classen
Greg Cunningham
Charles Currie
Raymond Currie
David Dingman
Dick Ecelbarger
Rex Gardner
Bruce Gezon
Samuel Goeppinger
Curtis Graf
Bobby Hadskey
Jim Hampton
Ron Hayslett
Barry Jason
Irene Jason
Gary Kuck
Bob LaBine
Andy Massimilla
G.R. Pike
David Reeder
John Sears
Doug Sharp
Howard Sharp
Wayne Stanfield
Sawyer Stone
Alan Travis
Mary Travis
Gary Wales
Charlie Wheeler
Newt Withers
Elliott Woodward

These contestants must be in Expert (or Grand Championship) Division

Jeremy Adams
Arthur Alvis
Elliot Alvis
Joe Anderson
Michael Anderson
Judy Ashley
Mike Ashley
Barbara Atwood
Bob Baltzell
Rich Baltzell
Lois Barlow
Malcolm Barlow
Frank Barrett
Ronald Bauman
Jack Beadle
Ralph Beckman
Dale Bell
Wayne Bell
Dick Belveal
Ken Berry
Larry Blair
Brian Blood
Chuck Boblasky
Thom Bourke
Francis Broadfoot
Ralph Brooks
Buster Brown
Dick Burdick
Mark Burdick
Stephanie Burton
Chad Caldwell
Jennie Caldwell
Jack Cassan
Jim Chaffee
Jack Christensen
Mark Cieszynski
Rich Clark
John Classen
Tom Coad
Chris Cobb
Cameron Coker
Corky Coker
William Cook
Lyle Corey
Billy Cothern
Vaughn Crile
Gary Cromeens
Jeff Cromeens
Herschel Crump
Greg Cunningham
James Cunningham
Vernon Cunningham
Charles Currie
Cody Currie
Evelyn Currie
John Currie
Raymond Currie
Stuart Curtis
Spencer Darby
Dean Davis
Max Davis
Don Deckard
Tom Deckard
Bryan Deering
Ian Deering
Kim DeMotte
Bryan Dickson
Alex Dinges
Robert Dinges
David Dingman
Paul Dobbin
Ken Downing
Danny Driskell
Peter Dunn
Anita Easter
Curtis Easter
Dick Ecelbarger
Brad Epple
Dan Epple
Phil Evans
Jim Feeney
Louise Feeney
Ron Ferris
Jason Fisher
David Forsythe
Eric Fredette
Jeff Fredette
Kenneth Fredette
Richard Fredette
Rex Gardner
Bob George
Beth Gentry
Bruce Gezon
Samuel Goeppinger
Richard Gold
John Gouveia
Tom Goyne
Curtis Graf
Mike Green
Preston Green
Ed Habetz
Bobby Hadskey
Earl Hammond
Jim Hampton
Gloria Harpenau
Len Harpenau
William Harper
Kolton Hastert
Gene Hauman
David Haverty
Ron Hayslett
Janet Hedke
Steve Hedke
Bill Hedrick
Richard Herd
Roger Herd
Caleb Henley
Peter Hersey
David Hetzel
Clint Heuring
David Hewitt
John Holden
Ted Holden
Dennis Holland
Julie Holland
John Hollansworth
Pam Holmquist
Ty Holmquist
J. A. Hoop
Ed House
Richard Howe
John Hudson
Scott Hudson
Jim Huff
Josh Hull
Chadwick Hunt
Curtis Jackson
Tom Jambeck
Les James
Michelle James
Robert Janssen
Barry Jason
Irene Jason
Evonna Joiner
Gregg Jones
Richard Jones
Ryan Jones
Bill Josler
Dennis Kacheline
Uli Kammholz
Buck Kamphausen
Stephen Keller
David Kleptz
Tim Kleptz
Jonathan Klinger
Jody Knowles
Tony Knowles
David Kolb
Ron Krause
Tom Kucera
Gary Kuck
Lance Kuck
Scott Kuck
Bob LaBine
Gary Lane
Sherral Lane
Glenn Lange
Clem Lange
Tom Lester
Curt Liposcak
Bill Loubiere
Dan Loubiere
Colby Mace
Guy Mace
Gary Martin
Jean-Ann Martin
Kyle Martin
Carla Marvin
Steve Marvin
Andy Massimilla
Tom Mates
Dale McClenaghan
Susan McClenaghan
Skip McCoshum
Guy McDorr
Jim McGee
Sharon McGee
Rich McKone
Taylor Merrill
Todd Merrill
Pat Miller
Chuck Minshew
William Monaghan
Tom Moran
Franklin Murphy
Jay Neeley
Zeke Neeley
Jim Neelley
Brad Nelson
Chad Nelson
Dick Nelson
David Nolan
Gary Oden
Cliff Palmer
Al Partee
Bruce Penhall
Dean Person
G.R. Pike
Linda Pike
Angelo Pizzagalli
Peter Prater
Steve Privett
Steve Pusey
Barney Rawson
George Rawson
Davin Reckow
David Reeder
Thomas Regan
Annegret Reichmann
Bob Robinson
Chuck Robinson
Al Rosenbaum
Margy Rosenbaum
Bob Ross
Ron Rowland
Corky Rutledge
Tim Rutledge
Joe Sansone
Brandon Schindler
Marv Schmidt
Frank Schmitz
Ron Schneider
John Sears
Fred Secker
Bill Secrest
Doug Sharp
Howard Sharp
Valerie Shubert
Zane Shubert
Gell Shunn
Bruce Sickbert
Charles Simons
Tom Sparks
Trevor Stahl
Rebecca Stanfield
Wayne Stanfield
Ralph Steinburg
Sawyer Stone
Bill Stroud
Charlie Stroud
Jeff Stumb
Karen Stumb
Gail Sublett
George Tarbutton
Art Taylor
Justus Taylor
Vic Thompson
Bob Tone
Edward Tourje
Steven Tourje
Alan Travis
Mary Travis
Stuart Tritt
John Trout
Lenjohn Van Der Wel
William Victor
Gary Wales
Bill Watson
Sheila Watson
Brad Wenholdt
Martin Weyer
Charlie Wheeler
Wayne Wiley
Bob Wilking
Connie Wilking
John Williamson
Leroy Wilson
Rockwell Wilson
Tom Wirth
Newt Withers
Elliott Woodward
Lee Ann Young
Wayne Young

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