Day One Recap by Olivia Gentry!

June 19, 2016

Today our journey began as we left from San Rafael, California. The crowds lined Fourth Street as we sent off 130 beautiful cars one by one. After the racers rallied for about an hour, they came into the spectacular town of Vacaville, California where they enjoyed lunch before going on the clock again. After leaving Vacaville they hit the road once more headed to Old Sacramento, California. Each car came in on the original cobble stone road hoping for good scores. I would like to congratulate my good friends Gary, and Jean-Ann Martin for being the overall winner of the day. I was overjoyed to see such wonderful people with the new granite trophy!

Racers chatted about how their days were, the signs that they missed, or the awkward speed changes that took place on the route until about 8:00. Then the racers began to head back to their hotel in order to prepare for tomorrow and get a little bit of shut eye. It is hard to believe that when I talk to y’all tomorrow I will be in a completely different state. However, for now, I am in California.

Tomorrow we are headed to the biggest little city in the world, Reno!

See you there!
-Olivia Gentry

6 comments about “Day One Recap by Olivia Gentry!”

  • Look forward to reading more of your daily recaps Olivia! Will daily scores be posted online as well? I know our fans back home will be interested to see how we’re doing.

  • What day will the race be in Moline Illinois? And around what time?
    My family and I live in the St Louis are and would love to be there as the cars come in for the final stretch in Moline.
    Thank you

      • Pat,
        Best of luck to you and Herb with #99 in the race! We’re leaving Saturday the 25th in the Avanti for Warwick RI to attend the Studebaker International Meet. We’re thinking of you guys, hopefully the heat won’t be too bad for you. Good Luck!!

        Paul & Betsy Windish

  • Please indicate what the team number is as we are following the race with our 2016 Great Racers list we purchased yesterday in Vacaville. Great job recapping the first day!

    P.S. Are you related to the team 66 navigator?

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