Day One City Stops ROCKED!

June 21, 2014

If Day One of the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is any indication of what is to come, this will undoubtedly be the best Great Race in recent history. Our lunch stop in downtown Rochester, New Hampshire had a great crowd and everyone gave us a warm welcome when we took over the town for a couple hours! After we got our bellies full, we hit the road again and eventually landed in Lowell, Massachusetts. WOW is all we can say–first of all the downtown area is so cool, and second of all, what a crowd! Thousands of folks came out to greet the racers as they rolled through today’s finish line and received their scores. Speaking of scores, we had a record breaking day, as Barry and Irene Jason (who are sporting a new car for this year) posted an absolutely perfect score for the day. That’s right, they scored zero seconds, while other very competitive teams struggled to keep their scores in the single digits. It was a tough day of rallying to say the least, but our city stops were outstanding!




5 comments about “Day One City Stops ROCKED!”

  • Glad to read Lowell lived up to it’s reputation for being a friendly city. Diane and I enjoyed watching everybody making it down that last strectch along Market St. Hope the Chrysler doesn’t have any more problems. Good luck to the Martin’s Varoom. Hope the weather holds up for the rest of the week. Best of luck to every racer and crew member. Thanks for the the autograph Sister.

  • Love watching all of the competitors drive by in all of there gorgeous cars and trucks we got to sit on the lawn of riteaid pharmacy in winchester nh. and enjoy the show. Some had to stop for fuel while others got a green light and didnt even have to come to a stop when they turned to head to bratlboro vt. What a sight.

  • They say you’re coming to Charleston, SC on Friday, 6/27.
    I’ve caught glimpses before but this will be my first time to experience the whole shibang!!
    Can’t wait, y’all!!

  • It was our sincere pleasure to host the 2014 Great Race Overnight Stop in Lowell. The crowds loved meeting the drivers and navigators and checking out all the Cars. Lowell had not seen anything like this since 1908! Friends were made, people were happy and we had the most perfect day! Thank you Jeff Stumb for choosing Lowell. And who knows, I may just have to get myself a new (vintage car) some day. This event certainly is one for the books. Happy Trails

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