Day 8 Recap from Olivia Gentry

July 1, 2017

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Though it seems like just yesterday this journey began, it will end tomorrow. After a tough day, Genna, and I remain in the lead of the Rookie Division. We have had an absolutely wonderful time throughout this journey, and have all of our friends and family to thank for that. I especially would like to give a shout out to “Pops”, Mr. Mike Weaver. He is such a sweet man, and has helped Genna, and I embrace every moment of this race. I would like to thank Kate Weaver, and every one at Rome Grinding Solutions as well, they have encouraged us, and supported us through every moment! Tomorrow, the grand finish will take place in Traverse City, Michigan, and teams will head back home. Tonight, it is time to rest. Once again, Genna, and I can not express our thanks for all of the continued prayers, and support!
Until tomorrow,
-Olivia Gentry

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