Day 8 Recap by Olivia Gentry

June 26, 2016

Today racers faced what some would argue as the most difficult day of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race Presented By Hagerty. Five checkpoints, the average amount for a whole day, were enforced before lunch. Racers battled through South Dakoda, trecked through Minnesota, and through the farm land, and corn fields of Iowa, where they ended the night. Three states in one day may seem like a breeze, however in today’s competition it was far from it.

Lunch was held in the beautiful Mason City, Iowa. Racers grabbed a bite to eat and some delicious homemade ice cream before hitting the road again. After lunch, a strenuous morning, the racers left unsure of what the afternoon would bring. Some left unsure of the fate of their days would be after such a rough morning, along with the added stress of championship day.

Racers did not have to wait long, for their questions were answered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Though results were a higher average than most days only a few upsets will play a role in the cumulative results. I would also like to congragulate my good friend, Jim Menetto, for having four aces today.

It is hard to believe that the next time I will be writing to everyone, this year’s adventure will be over. I can not thank every one for the on going support and encouragement.

See you in Illinois!

-Olivia Gentry
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  • it turns out the race went within a mile of our house–per our neighbor–yesterday om ,minnesota highway 4 i figured they would use it but to the cop car the hadsky car go memphis – sawyer and grampa , hedskys gentry s sorry i wasn’t there to wave you on
    if they would publish the route after the cas leave…..i would have been there ok sharps and how many more e raced with miss you guys 58speed 1958 porsche speedster—we still have the car

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