Day 8–Georgia in the Rear View Mirror

June 29, 2014

We logged a bunch of miles today and covered a lot of territory on the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. Our day started in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where we were still buzzing from the awesome experience on the U.S.S. Yorktown the night before, but we knew it would be a tough day. Today’s route sent us through the back roads of Southeastern Georgia, where the roads are flat, straight and long. This makes for tough rallying, even though it might look easy. Our lunch stop was in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, where the cobblestone streets were packed and we enjoyed a quick lunch before getting back on the road. Our final destination was Jacksonville, Florida, where we were greeted by lots of folks, some of which joined us for the start of the 2004 Great Race (our most recent visit to Jacksonville). It was an excellent day of rallying, and the challenging route made for a big shake-up in the scoring. Click here for scoring. Tomorrow is the final day of competition, so we’re gearing up for an amazing finish in The Villages!


4 comments about “Day 8–Georgia in the Rear View Mirror”

  • We saw most of the cars just before you got on i95 in Georgia. Then hot tailed it Dow to the great gathering of so many cars and people in Jacksonville. Wat a great day. My wife and I were not feeling too good but decided we could be sick anywhere might as well be looking at cars. Both of us forgot we were not well. What a great event. One of my best days ever.

  • Thanks for the great pic of my sweet husband Curtis Graf n navigator Wayne Bell at the finish gate Saturday, June 28. They finished 2nd for the day! Yay!

  • Following these daily updates, especially after being at both stops on Monday, has me wishing we were along for the race! What a great experience it must be to drive through this great country of ours in a classic car in a fun, friendly competition. Driving cross-country a few times in a ’66 Corvair Monza (Denver-to-Philly, Philly to and home from Lexington, KY, etc) with my wife have been among the most memorable experiences of my life, but those runs were just for pleasure. The trip from Denver having been when we had just bought the car (on eBay, no less!) – we had to get it home somehow, and flying out to drive it home was both cheaper and more fun than having it shipped. The Lexington trip was for the Corvair Society of America’s National Convention the folowing year. 750+ miles in a day (each way, of course) in a 40 year old car with performance mufflers can be character-building! I hope to be able to find a friend kind enough to let my wife and I use a car for next year’s race, since she says it sounds like fun to her too.

    (Any Corvair busines owners out there want to sponsor a car next year?)

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