Day 7 Recap from Olivia Gentry

June 24, 2016

Everyone on the Great Race is beginning to take the hit of being on the road for eight days. Though we are all tired, aching for a rest in our own beds, and maybe even a home-cooked meal, the race goes on. Two days remain, and we are all eager to enjoy these last two days with our Great Race family, and friends.

This morning racers left from Rapid City, South Dakota very early. They made a stop at Wall Drug, and then continued their adventure through the Badlands National Park. The Badlands National Park protects over 240,000 acres of pinnacles and spires, surrounded by the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States. From there racers visited the Pioneer Auto Museum, which was an delightful experience.

Racers were graciously welcomed with hospitality on Main Street of Chamberlain, South Dakota. A delicious meal was served before going back on the clock. Drivers faced a difficult route ahead of them, as gusting winds prohibited cars from holding steady speeds, while maintaining their lane on the roads.

The final destination of the day was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where people lined the streets eager for the cars arrival. After a long day including a time change, and many interesting aspects, racers were ready for a good night’s rest. After a long day, I can not say I would disagree with any of them.

Tomorrow, racers will venture through South Dakota, and in to Iowa, one of the last few states of this year’s Hemmings Motor News Great Race Presented By Hagerty.

See you in Iowa,
-Olivia Gentry
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