Day 5 Recap from Olivia Gentry

June 28, 2017

After leaving Franklin, Indiana headed to Auburn, Indiana, the sun was shining, and racers were faced with a fun yet challenging course. Today was a very good day for Genna, and I. After leaving Franklin in third place of the Rookie Division, we were able to pull ahead. With a twenty second day, Genna, and I finished 15th overall, winning the day for the Rookie Division, while grabbing the lead of the Rookie Division as well. We were also very proud to see our Mom, Beth Knowles Gentry, and cousin, Jody Knowles finish 2nd overall. Tomorrow, we will have lunch in Hickory Corners, Michigan before heading to downtown, Ypsilanti, Michigan for the overnight stop. Genna, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsor, Rome Grinding Solutions. They are such great people, and have helped us without thought at every chance. We would also like to take the chance to thank our Dad, Oliver Gentry. Though he gets very little recognition, I can not express how much he has done for my Sister, and I to be able to compete in this event. We are so blessed to have him, and have support from so many great people throughout this journey. Each day, we are able to meet someone new from a different city who tells us how happy they are to see us competing. Personally, that is something that makes my day. I hope to continue to meet more of you each day, and I can not thank all of you enough for you prayers, and support each day.

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  • What route will you be taking July 1st, Frankenmuth Mi to Alpena Mi. Will be traveling
    south that day on M-13 and U.S. 23 and hope to pass the caravan on the way. Enjoy
    the great folks in Alpena.

    • Hi Bob, unfortunately, we cannot disclose the route that the racers will take. The racers receive an book of course instructions about 30 minutes before they leave the hotel in the morning, and the mystery of the route is part of the challenge. At this point in the race, the route will have lots of twists and turns, instead of staying on a highway for a while, so it will mostly be small roads.

      • Thanks Tommy. Have a great trip up; weather looks good for Saturday. When
        you get to Alpena tell them you want a Tony Burger (specific to Alpena).

        Bob (Alpena)

  • Super proud of both you young ladies!!! Y’all be safe and keep moving up the charts! Good luck to Beth and Jody as well!

  • You girls have come a long way from selling programs with Sister.
    My monies on you two to win the rookie division.
    Keep up the great work.

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