Day 5 is a Busy Day for Great Racers!

June 27, 2012

As we reach the half-way point of our car guy adventure of a lifetime, the day started where we left off….Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario. We hit the trail bright and early, setting out for a lunch destination of Kingston, Ontario. As we rallied into town, it offered amazing views of water, while also providing some of the coolest downtown buildings we’ve seen so far!

A great crowd came out for this Wednesday afternoon lunch stop, but we blasted in and out of the city like a rolling circus! Corky and MotorMouth kept the crowd entertained, while our racers, staff and support crew enjoyed the beautiful city of Kingston. From there, we blazed a trail through miles of farm land and small towns such as Lansdowne, Ontario, which is just miles away from the United States border! We then crossed back into the United States and into the state of New York for a couple of unforgettable stops this afternoon!

First was a pit stop at the amazing Antique Boat Museum in scenic Clayton, New York. We came into town at approximately 4pm, and left after a brief visit, so we could make it to our overnight stop of Watertown, New York on time. Hundreds of people lined the gates as we sent the racers through the finish line, at the Watertown Fairgrounds. Overall, it was a busy day with lots of interesting scenery, so we grabbed lots of great pictures! Check them out and take a look at the Great Race Facebook Page for lots more pictures and updates!!!

2 comments about “Day 5 is a Busy Day for Great Racers!”

  • THANK YOU for bringing your line-up of fantastic cars right to us, the Moog Medical Devices Group (on Seneca St, Buffalo). We all stepped outside to enjoy it 🙂

  • FABULOUS !!!!! What a sight to see all the Vintage cars come rolling in to our area. Something we will never see again. Everyone was so friendly and enjoyable to talk with. Their enthusiasm was great. What an enjoyable nite for everyone. Please come again.

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