Day 4 Recap from Olivia Gentry

June 21, 2016

With two states to cover, and a time change, drivers were up and at it early this morning. They began their journey in Elko, Nevada where they had stayed the night. From there they traveled into Utah where they enjoyed lunch at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover. Racers were able to take pictures at the historic salt flats before going back on the clock. After leaving Wendover racers made their way through Salt Lake City and continued into Wyoming. The scenery was mesmerizing, and very diverse. It varied from snow covered mountain tops to tall canyons.

Dinner was served at the Evanston Roundhouse, a conference center in Evanston, Wyoming. Drivers will have another early start in the morning as we travel through Rawlings, Wyoming and into Cheyenne.

Stage 6 Here We Come!

-Olivia Gentry
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One comment about “Day 4 Recap from Olivia Gentry”

  • olivia i knew you when !!! i get nostalgic every year when i read the list of entrants-we reached for 5 years -your mom and the babies were always a big hit glad to see you are still a racer

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