Day 2 Recap from Olivia Gentry

June 26, 2017

After getting up at 5:45 this morning, Genna and I left Tifton, Georgia headed to our home town of Newnan, Georgia. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and as we arrived in Newnan, we were so excited to be greeted by our closest friends, and family. The love and support we felt from everyone is so appreciated by Genna, and I. It was great to see everyone even though the visit was short lived as we hit the road again headed towards Chattanooga, Tennessee. On the way, there was a pit stop at the Vick’s shop in Armuchee, Georgia where we were able to check out Mr. Vick’s impeccable car collection. After that, it was on the road again as we made our way into Chattanooga, where Genna and I were greeted by more of our amazing family, and friends. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people in everything we do. I can already say that I am hooked on The Great Race. The whole experience is so eye opening; each day you meet new people, celebrate old cars, and ride through God’s beautiful countryside. I’m not sure how life could get much better.

Tomorrow, our journey will take us to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Two seconds currently separate Genna, and I from leading the Rookie Division. Tomorrow will most definitely be challenging as we travel through the Tennessee mountains, and then the rolling hills of Kentucky. I am excited to see more of the beautiful scenery as we travel on.

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  • My husband and I have been Great Race fans for several years. We last attended it at Cape Girardeau, Mo in 2013, as we lived in Illinois then. We moved to Murfreesboro, Tn in 2015 so we was thrilled to learn the race will be making a stop there this year! We will be looking for you at Cannonsboro Village in Murfreesboro today. Good luck on your journey.

  • Safe travels today ladies, so proud that you’re taking this amazing and what has to be totally fun adventure.

  • Thanks so much for the blog updates. How is the car running? Do you have air conditioning in the car? Was in Tifton on Saturday and some of the drivers looked rough from the heat. Look forward to more updates from your journey. Be safe!

  • I had never heard of the Great Race but live in Chattanooga. Several of the race cars just passed by on Cherokee Blvd. Of course, I had to pull over and google Great Race.
    Love your posts and admire your adventurous spirit for participating.
    Good luck and happy trails!

  • Great story and keep up the good work! I saw several competitors just a few minutes ago leaving Chattanooga, where I work. Pulling for you guys! Prayers for you two and all racers!

  • It was great to have you in Armuchee/Rome! My husband and I enjoyed seeing all of you and your unique cars! Safe travels!

  • My husband and I were in Tifton GA Saturday & saw one of the huge GAR tractor trailers. My husband had saw something on WALB-TV about the race but didn’t realize it was this weekend. We were not able to stay in Tifton to see all the awesome cars & hated so bad that we had to miss this unique experience. Hope you can get the ads out more next year so everyone can see this!
    I commend you all for doing this, especially the young people. In the day we live in where it seems a lot of young people are so detached from their parents, grandparents & anything to do with history, to see these young people so involved with this great race is just amazing! Please continue this great work and blessings & prayers to all!

  • On the bowling leg of race,from Nashville to the route up 65north or old highway 31w to bowling green

  • You inspire OUR grandkids to run the Great Race. We need the next generation to turn up the heat on these old guys!!

    Congratulations, Ladies! Nicely done!

  • I was walking my dog and saw all these cars pulling into the hotel so I, too, had to Google. Very interesting history. Fun walking through the parking lot and checking out the cars. Welcome to Bowling Green and happy travels!!

  • Olivia I am so with impressed with the scores from you and Genna. Like I told you in Chattanooga Sun. evening your my choice to win in the rookie division! The Great Race needs more female teams especially great ones like you and Genna. Love your blogs, keep up the good work!

  • What fun it was to see you on the court square! This is so exciting to watch you grow up with this experience, and now look at you girls! Wishing the best of luck and safe travels! Love y’all!

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