Communication is KEY! Now if we can master THAT…

June 21, 2017

So, we’re all here in Jacksonville. Hello to old friends and new. Sticky hot (it is Florida in Summer, after all). But I want to explain how critical it is for a driver and navigator to communicate: clear and concise. RIIIIGHT!!! For instance, all the various road signs that are cited in our directions: what are they called. IF Dale says I need to look for a ‘Chair Right’ or a ‘Sway Left’









I have to know what that is (STOP signs are easy, of course). One of the tougher ones is the  curvy road ahead symbol – what’s that called, anyway? We’ve settled on ‘snake’ And does it matter if the ‘snake’ curves left or right first (figuring from the bottom of the symbol)? Maaaybeee… that John Claussen, our Rallymaster, can be tricky sometimes.

But this is the first yer for Dale and I working togther (though we’ve both done Great Race with others before), so we’re still working out our lingo. HE arrived to JAX on an earlier flight than I did today. He sent me a text that read “No two stud in Jax” AUGGH! I read that to mean the our car (with logo reading “Two Studs in a Stude”) had not arrived when he got there to claim it! A mildly frantic text exchange ensued about what to do next. But it turns out he meant “NUMBER two stud had arrived in JAX” ahead of me, safely. Whew. As was said in a famous film, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

Up tomorrow, meet with our assigned Rookie teams (we’re part of Bill Croker’s great Mentoring efforts for new players), and registration and tech inspection. We put reflectors on the back this evening (forgot those are required til just now).  Stay tuned…  Here we Go!

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  • Congratulations big work the organization . I perfectly know, because during 10 years , I was route director of logistics of the ” La gran Carrera Mexicana de automóviles clásicos y antiguos ” , elaborating the route book , with different categories, using the same mechanic like you.
    For personal affairs , probably I can’t stay during the beginning of the race but will be with yours along the web, .

  • Chair left/right, snake left / right, curve left/right, straight snake are the biggies. It definitely matters to start the straight snake to the left or to the right. It has come up before. I know I try to ensure the correct snake when I’m writing directions.

    Good luck! The North East Rally Club is pulling for you!

  • Studs in a Stude….I’ll try to keep up to date with your journey…checking regularly! Welcome “Honest” Mike to the fold!

  • Welcome to FL. I hear you don’t have A/C or a fan in your car. It’s been so hot here you might end up “two nudes in a stude”!! Good luck on your journey. You’ve got an amazing navigator (but I am a little biased). Don’t forget Dale is a texting novice!!! LOL.

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