Classic Photos from the 1995 Great Race

March 6, 2014


A great friend and Great Race follower, Marcel Gommers contacted us and sent us a link to some photos from the 1995 Great Race, which ran from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico. It was one of the most grueling Great Races in the history of the event, and Curtis Graf (with Navigator Bruce Gezon) took home the victory in a 1916 Packard. We thought our Great Race family would love to see some of the old photos, so CLICK HERE to check them out!

One comment about “Classic Photos from the 1995 Great Race”

  • Oh my! Do those photos bring back memories. Seeing the old Graham brought a few tears, as Bill has been gone for about a year and a half. But they were happy tears, we had a fantastic trip, even if we did have a small support truck disaster It still all came under the umbrella of a good adventure with the whole group of friends and fellow racers.
    Thanks for the visual visit to the past.

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