Caldwell Gets A New Toy

October 19, 2012


Chad Caldwell caught the Great Race bug like most of us – he did it one time. That one time in 2004 with his father-in-law Jim Barnett in a 1957 Chrysler has ended up with his entire family involved in the Great Race over the last eight years. He regularly competes with his wife Jennie in their 1931 Auburn speedster, as well as a 1957 DeSoto from time to time. And his children Cole and Ashley have competed in regional events and they sold programs on the 2012 Great Race.

Chad has a bunch of Chrysler products at his Newnan, Georgia home, but recently has branched out to some Classic era cars, including a 1931 Lincoln. But he has never owned a brass car – at least until last week and a trip to Hershey.

He intentionally did not bring a trailer to the swap meet so he would not buy a car, but one look at a 1913 Marmon Model 32 changed everything. Everyone that saw the car after he bought it asked if he was going to take it on the Great Race. It would have quite a factor, but Chad will not be using it in the Great Race any time soon.

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