1916 Buick Speedster For Sale!

April 27, 2012

Is the Great Race on your bucket list but you don’t have an old car to participate in, well how about this 1916 Buick Speedster that Great Race veteran Bryan Dickson has for sale. And it’s a steal at only $15,000.

1916 Buick Speedster

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We are not talking about your basic Model A here. Through the years the age limit on the Great Race has been raised to where you can compete in a vehicle today as new as 1969. But to get that age factor that helps with winning the event, many folks have gone back to the pre-1920s automobiles.

Just in the race this year we have a 1907 Renault, a 1914 Model T, three 1916 Hudsons, a 1916 Packard, a 1917 Peerless and a 1917 Hudson. And last year’s event was won by a 1911 Velie.

Here’s some information on the vehicle:

– Engine: inline OHV six cylinder, 224 cu in, 45 BHP
– Speedster body on 115 in wheelbase
– Three speed transmission (no over-drive), shaft drive
– Rear only brakes
– Electrical is 6v+12v (Two 6v batteries are wired in series and parallel so the 6v stuff can run and the 12v stuff can run too)
– Both regular plate windshield and monocle screen too.
– This car ran 1995 Canada to Mexico Great Race and finished
– Car does 55+ mph; ready to go.

Here is a list of items repaired/upgraded while Bryan has owned it:
Rear diff, pressure check radiator, rebuilt water pump, updated to 6v/12v system , upgraded gauges (water temp), upgraded speedo to Timewise – the car is wired for a Timewise (car comes with sensor, bracket, magnets, wires, etc.), but the speedo does not come with the car).

You can reach Bryan at [email protected] or 214-454-7417 if you are interested in the car.

–Jeff Stumb

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  • Hi
    Is your Buick still for sale? IF not and you have or know of another car that I could participate in next years great race I would appreciate the info.
    Burlington, MA
    Cell # 781-354-3881

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