Beth Gentry and Jody Knowles win the VCRA Joplin Rally

May 22, 2018

Beth Gentry and Jody Knowles, last year’s Great Race winners, won the annual VCRA event this weekend in their 1932 Ford Cabriolet in their last tune-up before the 2018 Great Race begins June 23 in Buffalo.

The team from Georgia won the event in Joplin, Missouri by a wide margin with a three-day score of 25.84 seconds off of a perfect time. Dave Reeder and Sawyer Stone landed in second place, almost 13 seconds behind in their 1932 Ford Victoria. The grandfather-grandson team from Arkansas had a score of 38.76. Third place went to the Kentucky husband and wife team of Gary and Jean Ann Martin in their 1964 Nova with a score of 41.28 seconds. All three teams will join more than 100 others in New York next month for the start of the Great Race from Buffalo to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

4 comments about “Beth Gentry and Jody Knowles win the VCRA Joplin Rally”

  • Congrats to you and the others yo came in second and third .as new comers to this we had great fun. We hope to do the same in the great race . Thank God I won’t be driving our so will join his father. I took our son place because he had to go to a meeting. Every one was so nice and many tried to help us understand what we were doing or trying to do. See you in buffalo

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