Barry and Irene Jason Win Again!

June 30, 2014

That’s right, for the third year in a row, Barry and Irene Jason have WON the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. They brought a new car to the event this year, but they undoubtedly had it dialed in before hand, as they nailed the very first day. They scored a perfect day on day one, but had a couple of rough days after that, which caused them to play catch-up all week. Jeff and Eric Fredette held the lead for most of the week, but the Jason’s came back on the last couple of days with awesome scores. As they rolled into The Villages, Florida for the Grand Finish, they were handed a big check, and during our awards banquet, they were handed a big bird…and lots of bragging rights. They also won the Eckler’s Ace award, which put a few more bucks in their pocket. Congrats to Barry and Irene Jason for being the 2014 Grand Champions! Click HERE to see the final scores!

4 comments about “Barry and Irene Jason Win Again!”

  • Congrats to the winners. I met you all at the Raddison in King of Prussia telling you my parents were from TX (Dad ,Decatur) and then waved you on Tues morn as you left.
    Followed this race all the way- such great photos and loved the writings by John Cory – will there be a book? :>))
    if this race comes reasonably close to me next year-or future years- will be there to see some of it. a thrill to meet some of the teams. all were so nice. and see the special cars they drove in.
    have a great year.
    Until next year- get those cars ready..

  • THREE YEARS IN A ROW!?!?! Congratulations – That’s some kind of awesome! My wife and I are discussing trying to get our money straightened out so that we can afford to enter next year. If we manage to do it, we want YOU to be our mentors!

  • I am proud to say that the Jason’s are friends of mine, it’s people like you that make Great Race what it is today!

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