The 2016 Great Race Visits Austin, Nevada on June 20

April 7, 2016

Tiny Austin, Nevada will host a lunch stop on the 2016 Great Race on Monday, June 20, right in the middle of the town on the original Lincoln Highway. The population of the town is only 192, but during that day it will host more than 200 racers from Spain, Japan, England and every corner of the United States.

The original Lincoln Highway, now called Highway 50, runs right through the middle of the town between Fallon and Eureka. The highway is known as the “Loneliest Road in America.” The racers will start the day in Reno and end in Elko and they trek from one side of Nevada to the other over some of the most beautiful and rugged countryside on earth. The first car will arrive in Austin at noon and a new car will arrive each minute for almost two hours. The teams will each stay for one hour, so for much of the afternoon cars will be coming and going at the same time.

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