Chad Caldwell’s New Auburn Racer

March 7, 2014


There are several cars that are being built for the 2014 Great Race that we have been telling you about, including Chad Caldwell’s 1931 Auburn boattail speedster. You may recall that Chad found the boattail in Montana several months ago, and he has been busy back in Georgia getting it ready for the race. He has the body in primer and the chassis is complete. J.D. Scott at Coker Tire is building a new set of wheels for the car as well.


You can see Chad and Jennie’s longtime Great Race car “Awesome Auburn” in the background of the chassis photo. They finished fifth overall in 2013 in the Auburn race car, but Chad wanted a new challenge.

In the coming days we will update you on a couple of rookie teams with exciting new cars, including one that was just displayed at the Chicago Autorama.

3 comments about “Chad Caldwell’s New Auburn Racer”

  • Awesome restoration. I have a friend who is presently restoring a Auburn. This is truly a monster task. I am completing a restoration of my 68 Camaro for the Great Race which pales in comparison. A real beauty

  • Dang! That Chad Caldwell is ahead again! I’ve been working on my Speedster (inspired by his Awesome Auburn) for 2 years now and it’s really almost ready. And now he has a NEW one. I better start working nights on mine to be sure its almost as cool!


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