Alfred State College Joins Great Race as X-Cup Entry

November 4, 2014

Power W. and students

Alfred State from New York will be participating in the 2015 Great Race in the X-Cup Division, joining McPherson College and several high school teams in the event. Below is a note from Mike Ronan about the school’s efforts to get their 1953 Dodge Power Wagon ready for the race.


Please accept our appreciation of your support as the Alfred state Great Race Team moves into gear. Here’s a little progress report of our activities in the past couple of weeks:

We continue to work on the mechanical aspects of the 1953 Power Wagon. The transmission and transfer case (red stuff in one of the pictures) are resealed with new bearings and are ready to go. The engine is out, apart, cleaned, and at Northeast Engines in Buffalo for boring, valve seats, and to surface the head (.008”). The engine will be together and in this fall with new pistons, valves and seats, bearings, and all the little stuff. We have work nights scheduled this week, and the diff comes out next for new gearing and bearings/seals.

The guys have put together promotional materials that will go (or went) to Alfred’s Institutional Advancement office where a glossy trifold will be designed and printed. Thanks to some of you that have provided material/permissions to assist in that effort.

We continue to work on fundraising plans, logistics for the event, and on building our local AACA membership. We’ll keep you posted!


4 comments about “Alfred State College Joins Great Race as X-Cup Entry”

  • Any rugby players on the team? I played 5 years for St. John Fisher, I suppose I could set aside our differences / rivalry over the years haha. If the guys need some help /advice and want to talk to someone in their age group I’m fresh out of college, just give me a ring at 315-420-7418, been navigating for 9 years now. Welcome and we all look forward to seeing your team on route 66!

  • Expanding the X-Cup Program is very important to engaging more youth in classic and vintage cars. We can all remember how the element of competition peaked our interest as teenagers (as it still does for most of us today).

    The exuberance of these younger teams also adds a dimension of energy and passion that’s contagious. They will be the generation racing when it becomes our time to watch.

    Congratulations to Alfred State College, and to all the 2015 X-Cup Teams for taking on the challenge!

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