The Adventures of Alan and Mary Travis

May 2, 2013


Editor’s Note: I just got this note from Alan and Mary Travis saying they will not be able to participate in the 2013 Great Race, but I thought everyone would enjoy seeing what interesting things they have been up to the last few months. –Jeff Stumb

Good morning Jeff,
Mary and I just returned from more than a month of touring Tasmania and lower Australia in our 1906 Darracq Roadster. We have to meet the shipping container ship in Oakland next week to return to our collection.

We have been having too much fun with our old cars and not a lot of restoration time. We brought out our 1905 Mitchell Roar-a-Bout and took to our new cabin and 4,000 square-foot garage in Show Low Arizona. We are having new wood spokes made for our wheels and refining a few other bits. The 1905 has a 5 liter, 4 cylinder overhead valve motor with a 3 speed transmission. It is wholly stock and I have had it to more than 70 mph 20 years ago.


Next year we should have a great set of choices for the Great Race with at least 3 of them older than the 1907 Renault.

Do not give up on us, we will be back.
Alan and Mary

4 comments about “The Adventures of Alan and Mary Travis”

  • great to race with you last year we will miss marys big smile that was always persent hope to see in 2014 bill & buddy green car #64

  • Alan: Nice to see that you and Mary are still “keeping the faith” with your interest in historic vehicles!
    I plan to visit the racers when they make their overnight stop in Davenport, IA this month.
    (I assume that your car in the photo is a French design?)
    Refresher: I am a guy who “invited” myself to join the G.A.R. in 1983 (as a photographer) and found myslf on at least a part of the next 20 events. My friends Bill Grams and Walt Cunny were in the 1910 Palmer-Singer – 1984 Race.
    Bert Eisenhour (Now living in Iowa City, IA, having downsized from our home in Illinois about 2 1/2 years ago.)

  • I would like to get in contact with Alan and Mary Travis who own a Jeanperrin car. I am Jeanperrin’s great grand-daughter.

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