Olivia’s Day 6 Recap

June 26, 2015

After a short drive to Winslow, Arizona, which became famous after a hit by the Eagles; it was extremely nice to see smiling faces, and a great lunch. After long, hot days of riding through the dessert I know that everyone always looks forwards to lunch. After selling a few programs, and enjoying the lunch of chicken kabobs accompanied with fresh fruit, as well as macaroni salad we headed to Flagstaff.

The drive to Flagstaff was extremely short, less than an hour long, and after arriving I was very happy to see the large crowd that had formed. It was a great venue with lots of space, and plenty of restaurants to choose from. Something that was very unique about Flagstaff was that we were able to pick where we wanted to eat dinner! However because today was my cousin Kali’s birthday she got to choose where we would eat. She chose a small sports grill about a 1/2 a block from our venue, and i must admit her choice was a great one! Each day just continues get better than the last, and I’m not sure how.. I guess we’ll just have to see how tomorrow turns out, and if my previous occurrences repeat themselves. For now I have to get to bed because after the 3rd time change of the trip I am exhausted.

– Olivia Gentry

3 comments about “Olivia’s Day 6 Recap”

  • Just keeps getting better. Sure wish I could have followed along again this year. And congratulations to Knowles/Gentry, this Georgian is cheering for you!

  • Thanks for all the updates Olivia! 🙂 Keep up the good work. Sending our love and support! Only a few more days!

  • Olivia,
    What a great job you are doing. How exciting but also trying on your body and energy.
    My cousins are J J Wagner in car number 98. They have been doing this for a few years with their brothers.
    During the past few years we have enjoyed all the blog but specially enjoy you and the pictures. Your commentaries are wonderful keep up the good work!
    We wait up at night just to see your updates!

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