FUN FRIDAY! Hagerty Trophy Run Recap

June 19, 2021

Here we go! It’s time to start rolling on the 2021 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club. We always kick things off with a warm-up rally on Friday afternoon, and we call it the Hagerty Trophy Run. It’s a half-day rally that gives everyone a quick dose of what’s to come when the green flag drops. Before that, we had our annual meeting with all staff, drivers, navigators and support crews to cover announcements and special appearances by Jim Menneto from Hemmings Motor News, Kyle Smith from Hagerty, Wade Kawasaki from Legendary Companies, and several others.

With this year’s event starting in San Antonio, the drivers had to cover quite a few miles of busy interstate traffic just to get far enough out of town to get on the clock. It was hot, and the course was challenging for both rookies and veterans of the race. We’re looking forward to waving the green flag tomorrow morning at the Alamo, and then embarking on this nine-day, 2,300-mile adventure. We’d love for you to ride along, so stay tuned to our website for daily updates, and then check out the Great Race Facebook page for additional content along the way.

Craig Floyd was the top bidder at tonight’s auction for Sarah Stahl’s incredible Great Race painting

X-Cup Trophy Run Winners: Team Murfreesboro, TN

Rookie Trophy Run Winners: Mary Jane and Dylan Horne

Sportsman Trophy Run Winners: Jim and Kayli Menneto

Expert Trophy Run Winners: Neil Myerscough and Shanna Chatraw

Grand Champion Division (and overall) Trophy Run Winners: Jody Knowles and Beth Gentry

9 comments about “FUN FRIDAY! Hagerty Trophy Run Recap”

  • Absolutely fabulous event today! Congratulations to the staff for getting the race running again! This is our rookie year and I’m already looking forward to next year!

  • Great pics and summary of the Hagerty Trophy Run. I think that because of the long interval between the last Great Race and 2021’s event, even the smiles are bigger! It’s great to see John still wears the patriotic suspenders!
    To X Cuppers, Rookies, Sportsmen, Experts, Champions and everyone involved in the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty Drivers Club, be safe! You are about too embark on a once in a lifetime experience! All the best from “MotorMouth”!

    • Definitely missing you and Lauren. Dave and I teamed up again this year and hope all is well for your both.

  • Greetings all great race organizers and great racers. wish you all well and successful event this year.

  • Best wishes and success to our friends Brian Blood and Steve Keller Saab 96. Wishing you all the best. Hoping to see you next year.

    • David & Peter
      We’re disappointed you weren’t able to add to the Swedish contingent this year. Looking forward to seeing both of you next year if not sooner.

      • Brian and Steve,
        With you in spirit and following avidly if not actually there, nice run yesterday:)
        “Phoenix” was ready tested and able… but with border closed not possible.
        Miss our GR friends. Hopefully Harald and the gang with some new friends will be there next year at Warwick RI.
        d and P.

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