2019 Great Race Highlight Video

July 11, 2019

The 2019 Great Race is in the history books, and from every angle it appears everyone is in agreement that it was the best event we have ever had. It will be a couple of months before the one-hour TV show hits the air, but for those who were not involved in the event (and for those who were), we wanted to share the Great Race highlight video shown at the awards banquet in Tacoma, Wash. It documents the nine days and 2,300 miles of the race from Riverside, Calif., to Tacoma, Wash., from 100 degree days in the desert to 31 degrees and snow in the Cascade Mountains. Click the link to enjoy the 21-minute video. https://youtu.be/-fCPS5WHOFY

6 comments about “2019 Great Race Highlight Video”

  • My hat’s off to the rally master !!………great senic route. Awesome job by everyone !!

    To compete is to win !! Congrats to all who make The Great Race possible !!

    ………………see you in 2020 !!

  • My viewing of the YouTube video is very poor quality. This doe snot appear to be a download speed issue, but the upload video format. The display at the banquet was way better?

  • Great video!
    Thanks to those who worked so hard filming/producing an amazing video that shows the fun and adventure of the Great Race.

  • Sure hope this wasn’t a one time deal. Didn’t get a chance for a close inspection of the cars at Grants Pass OR, so need another chance. Hope to take in the 2020 rally wherever it is. Amazing collection of vehicles!

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