The 2017 Great Race Rolls Out of Jacksonville!

June 24, 2017

The 2017 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is on the road! We blasted off from the Historic Springfield district of Jacksonville, Florida this morning, and boy was it hot! With temperatures in the 90’s and that good ol’ Florida humidity, it was a blistering start to an awesome day one. Our route sent us into Georgia through the back roads, and we didn’t have a hosted lunch stop today, due to the timing of the start and the overnight stop. After navigating some long straightaways, narrow two-lane roads and a few twists and turns that led to the beautiful town of Tifton, Georgia. The crowd in Tifton braved the heat and watched as the cars rolled onto Main Street. It was a beautiful setting, as we ended our first day on the route, and we finished it off with one of the best meals we’ve ever had on the Great Race. Homemade blueberry and peach cobbler with homemade ice cream put it over the top!

The competition was super tight, and we were trying to hunt down the daily winner and finding that LOTS of racers had excellent scores. We’re talking 2, 3 and 4 second scores, plus the car’s age multiplying factor. The top 9 teams in today’s rally were scored at under 5 seconds off of the pre-determined time. It came down to Jeff and Eric Fredette in their 1933 Ford pickup, and Gary and Jean Ann Martin in their Coker Tire sponsored Chevy II. Both teams scored a 2 second overall score, but the pickup truck’s better age factor gave them the advantage with a final corrected score of 1.63 seconds. The scores will undoubtedly get shaken up as we make our way up the Dixie Highway, and tomorrow will feature a long haul from Tifton, Georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee with a lunch stop in Newnan, Georgia to break up the 300-mile trek. Check back tomorrow for more highlights, and remember to check out the scores HERE, and as always, keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook!

15 comments about “The 2017 Great Race Rolls Out of Jacksonville!”

  • We had an awesome time welcoming the Great Race to Tifton! All the classic cars are beautiful. Best wishes to all the teams for a safe journey to Michigan!

  • Where the heck is that Fiat?! This guy and that guy have a massive following in California… they are the Kings of La Playa!!! Give us more pictures!!!!

  • why are they not coming by house? i live on the Dixie hwy (Old hwy 41) in Kennesaw, Ga Armuchee is not on the Dixie Hwy.

  • why is the race not coming by my house, i live on the Dixie hwy (old 41 hwy) in Kennesaw, Ga. Dixie hwy does not run through Armuchee, ga

  • We’ll see you all for sure in Hickory Corners (or on an overhead bridge, or on a street corner, or alongside the road) on the 29th. Good luck to each and every team participating in this event!

  • What a day in Jacksonville you all for choosing us to start.Im so proud to be apart of it.And yes,jacksonville is hot

  • We had the privilege of seeing all the cars drive right by our house.. Such a great day to be porch sitting. Watching from Rome Ga 🙂

  • I loved this event. I’m watching out for my ZTA sister, Mallory Henderson and her Dad. Jacksonville, and the neighborhood of Springfield, loved hosting this event. Please come back soon. I now want to buy a car, and join in next year.

  • Dunlap, Tennessee was colored up with eye candy this morning! Spoke with one of the guys stopped for fuel. I asked, what got you into this? He stated it was on his bucket list. I may have to look into this “Great Race” maybe my bucket list needs to be updated.
    Thanks to all the sponsors and drivers, you made our day in our small little town. Young and old were amazed! All the drivers were so kind and considerate. except one ” he was in a hurry to get to the rest room, LOL- No worries ” Buddy”, who ever you were. Have a great ride and enjoy!

    • Yes, it was involved in an accident with a passer-by while on the route unfortunately. The driver and navigator are fine and the car is still competing in the race.

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