Great Race 2014 to Start in Maine, End in Florida

July 8, 2013


Great Race officials have announced that the 2014 event will start in the state of Maine on Saturday, June 21, and end in Florida nine days later on Sunday, June 29. The start and finish cities, as well as the other stops along the way, will be announced later this month.

It will mark the first time the Great Race has been to the state of Maine, and it will be the first time in 10 years that it has been in Florida. In 2004, the Great Race started in Jacksonville. Other states the Great Race will pass through in 2014 will be Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Entry fees will be announced later this month as well, and race officials expect a full field of 100 to take the green flag in Maine.

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  • ginny and I had a blast,met so many wonderful people,the 36 chevy panel really ran great, but need to build a new old car for maine to florida,cant wait…. we want to say thanks to every who helped us along the way. see you in sept. steve and ginny antonelli

  • Could that be the lighthouse near Kittery, Maine, home of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in beautiful York County? I think that there are outlet stores there as well!

  • You mention all the states planned for the 2014 race, including Delaware and Virginia. However based on all the maps I’ve seen, and the personal observations as a Marylander, Delaware and Virginia are not adjacent. One MUST pass thru Maryland too!

  • Yep — 13 states in all. In order, they are Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

  • Were going out for blood this year, no more fooling around. I was born in Florida and I intend to get back there come hell or high water. The 1915 Hudson is undergoing a serious change, and will run all over the 1916 Hudsons. Don’t waste your money guys on the entry fee,watch it on television. DR DOOM

  • I worked for Jack Roush as an engine builder/mechanic for many years. I was fortunate enough to be part of his Great Race team in the early 2000’s. I now live in south Florida and am looking for a team or individual who would like to have me help them participate in this and future events like this. 🙂

  • Hi, i live in NC between New Bern and Wilmington. I would like to know if i and others can ride along with you all with our classic cars at certain points and then
    drop out? Please let me know if that is not possible then maybe we can join you all
    at your stop points.
    Thank you and you all have a safe trip.

  • Hi all. Well, I have a poster of the start of the Great Race and the official start is in Ogunquit, Maine. I will be there to cover the start photographically. I will be in Ogunquit (small fishing town known for its great beach and the Marginal Way).
    Good luck to all and see you in OGT.
    Best. Ray Casbourn | photography.

  • I live in Darien, GA. along route 17 and wonder if you will be passing thru on your way from Savannah to Jacksonville. My husband is ill and it would be great if I could take him to see the cars.

    Thank you very much, Shirley Larson

  • Greetings to all Great Race drivers! I just came from The Village Chocolate Shoppe here in Bennington and the owner, Nick, wondered if you are going to drive down Main St. We hope so. We know you are stopping for lunch and hope to see a parade of your cars coming through town – what good fun.

  • I will be visiting Darien, Ga. On the 28th, I would like to see you come by if you will be on hwy 17. Thank you

  • The article mentions that the vehicles will be in Portland on June 20 for a practice
    rally. Where is that to be held and what time. I live in Portland and would certainly
    love to see and photograph a few of the cars…

  • Realy great to see you all here in maine i work at colonial inn resort thank you all for the good days. Good luck see you all next year

  • Sitting out enjoying the beautiful Saturday and all of a sudden it was a great race personal parade. It was awesome. have fun on your adventure

  • My earlier post camr up colonil inn in fact it should read colonial village rrsort in ogonquit maine. All be safe and to the gental man from ohio that gave me thr hats thank you be safe ,,,,,,,,

  • It was a pleasure to sit on the green in West Brattleboro Vermont today watching as The Great Race passed thru, on its way to Hemmings in Bennington. What a great day, good luck to all, and please be safe!

  • Was driving home from work near Allentown, PA, on Blue Mountain Rd, and was amazed at all the great old cars zooming by in the other direction, had to stop and watch, then checked it out on your website….awesome!!! GOOD RUNNING!!!!!

  • Just watched a load of the cars travelling down Virginia’s Eastern Shore, wish I had known earlier, I would have gone out to US13 where it goes through Exmore with my camcorder.

  • My Daughter and I went across the river to Portsmouth Virginia last night to watch the racers roll in for the night. What a great sight to see!

    Caught at least 80+ of them before we called it a night.
    Kudos to all the racers & Be safe!

  • When you see Tommy Hudson an his grandson go by with the three car hauler and the Freight liner (support/recovery crew) please wave!

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