1941 Packard Coupe with Factory A/C For Sale

February 10, 2020

Great Racers who drive ‘60s and early ‘70s cars in the event are always looking for an older car to improve their handicap, and this California car may just be the ticket. Daniel Shanahan bought this 1941 Packard with factory air conditioning with the idea of competing in the Great Race some day. For personal reasons, he is not going to be able to make that happen, so he is offering the car to Great Racers through this site first before advertising it to the public. Here is what Dan says about the car:

“It’s a 1941 Packard 120 Coupe with factory air-conditioning and overdrive. It is very pleasant to drive. Please contact me for details and an honest description. PRICE REDUCED to $22,500 and private financing may be considered.” You can reach Dan in Sebastopol, California at 209 531-3095 and his email address is [email protected].

5 comments about “1941 Packard Coupe with Factory A/C For Sale”

  • Is that a USMC decal in the rear window? If so, Semper Fi to whomever put it there from another former, retired Marine. Nice car, reminds me of my first car… a 1950 Ford Crestlliner, maroon and black with A/C, continental kit, O/D and sun visor. I got it in ’57 and sold it in ’64. Actually the A/C was really too much for that 100hp V8, so I took it out. Otherwise, the car served me very well. Good Luck with your 120 and to whomever it goes. Sam

  • Thank you all for your interest and comments. What cars do you use to participate?

    PS: I just contacted the Great Race people, and asked them to lower the price to $22,500.

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