1939 LaSalle “Great Race Car” For Sale

October 1, 2013


Bill Harper has been around Great Racing for quite some time, and currently campaigns a ’32 Ford roadster with LaSalle power. Before the green roadster became his go-to Great Race car, this 1939 LaSalle was his baby, but it’s time to send it down the road to another Great Racer.

Bill’s LaSalle has been completely rewired, and the engine was completely rebuilt, incorporating many later model parts as well as modifications to improve performance and durability. It features an 8-volt charging system and the engine has been upgraded with a 1948 Cadillac carburetor and distributor. The engine is fed by dual electric fuel pumps and features a Flying Dutchman water pump. It rolls on four new Firestone tires, and has magnets on all four wheels.

Bill told us that the body is extremely solid, and when it was restored that no “bondo” was used. Any parts that have been upgraded or replaced were kept, and are available with the car to put it back to 100 percent original. This car completed all four Great Races that it competed in, including the 2002 San Antonio, Texas to Anaheim, California event, the 2003 Lavonia, Michigan to Daytona, Florida event, the 2004 Jacksonville, Florida to Monterey, California event and the 2005 Washington D.C. to Tacoma, Washington event.

Bill is asking $39,000 for the car and he can be reached at 828-692-1124.

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