1915 Scripps Booth Update

February 28, 2013


Earlier, we told you about two rare, unique and unusual vehicles being prepared for the 2013 Great Race, with the second one being Alan and Mary Travis’ 1915 Scripps Booth speedster. This incredibly awesome vehicle can easily be recognized by its radiator shell. There has never been anything like it before or since.

Those of you familiar with Alan know he has brought some of the finest automobiles to the Great Race over the years, including a 1910 Knox that he and Mary won the race in back in 1993. And of course last year, they drove the most popular car in the Great Race, a 1907 Renault, making it the oldest vehicle to ever compete in the event at 105 years old at the time of the running.

Alan is still undergoing the restoration on the Scripps Booth and he hopes to have it finished in time for the race this summer.

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