THE “ Branson Collector Car Auction” –

November 21, 2011

…was held the weekend of October 21-22 in Branson, Missouri. Jim and Kathy Cox, auction owners, have consistently been one of VCRA’s biggest supporters since the VCRA was formed in 2006. They have graciously afforded VCRA booth space at all of their events, as well as holding a special reception, hosted by Summerwinds Resorts, and an Autism Charity Auction the evening prior to each auction. The charity auction raised a little over $6,000. Our sincere thanks to all those that supported the auction, and donated to our cause.

Rex Gardner, founder/director of VCRA, takes out a minute from answering
questions about vintage car ralling for a photo at the booth during the
recent “Branson Collector Car Auction” . Photo courtesy of Rockafellow

One comment about “THE “ Branson Collector Car Auction” –”

  • Rex looks better when he is behind the wheel of an old car instead of behind a table! Seriously, the work Rex does for the fight against Autism is inspiring and appreciated by everyone!

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